Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day 2: Back In The Day

Ok - so I thought I would try to do the project from yesterday (give him 30 minutes when he got home just for himself), then figured I'd go right into today's project, which was to "Do Something He Enjoyed Before You Got Married."

I actually struggled with this one. You see, I've got some great memories from pre-marriage days. We didn't live together prior to getting married, but we did spend a lot of time at one of the parents houses, and we had a better time at his dad's because he was so relaxed about rules. As a result, my husband often had projects set up on a table in his room that we would work on for hours. Well, he would work on them, and eventually invited me to help him. Generally he was working on RC cars (really nice, expensive ones!), or an occasional model car.

A few other fun memories were watching wrestling shows with his dad - yes - dorky, but it was so fun because they had so much fun and things got rowdy and loud. The shows aren't as much fun anymore, so I went to three different stores thinking I would get a new UFC fighting show for him to watch while munching on some goodies, but none of them had them!

We also used to hike and bike a lot - but with snow falling today - that was out of the question!

Finally, I remembered that he used to play a lot of games. . . pool at my parents house, Monopoly with his family, and I taught him to play cribbage, and he taught me dominoes.

So - I got dinner all lined out, straightened up the house, put our son down for a nap, and started getting things ready for a game of dominoes.

He called to say that he was on his way home, so I turned on the oven (chicken enchiladas from Costco), and got the dominoes all set up. He came in and I suggested that he relax for a few minutes - maybe catch up on sports or the news (or his game). Surprise - he had no interest. He wanted to know how my day was and what we had done.

I took him over to the table and pulled out some hummus and pita chips I'd stashed in the kitchen.


And then it happened. . . .

"ok - what did you do to the car?"
"are you cheating on me?"
"what are you hiding from me?"
"are you drunk?"
"are you on drugs?"

I just laughed at him and told him that I'd been thinking about him and thought it would be fun to play a game of dominoes like we used to.

We had so much fun - did I already say that?? Hmmm. . .

Well - I won the first game, he won the second. We started visiting about different things in a way we haven't for a long time.

So, during this whole time, I'd had dinner on "low" in the oven, or so I thought! Oops - I didn't really look at the nob when I turned it down to keep it warm. I accidentally turned it onto broil!! So - while we were distracted, dinner was melting to the pan I had under it!

We ended up having grasshopper pie (leftover from a dinner party the other day), hard-boiled eggs, sliced peppers, and hummus with pita chips for dinner - along with some great laughs!

We then sat down on the couch while our son was playing with his cars, and started asking each other about favorites . . . colors, movies, veggies, fruits, etc. We must have sat there for 45 minutes or so. It was so great to connect this way - we haven't done that in years!

Special note- as with yesterday, I found myself thinking positively about my husband throughout the entire day, which was really nice and made me feel good! :)

Note (You will probably see this on a lot of my posts): If you want to participate in The Husband Project, I highly encourage you to pick up a copy of the book. I am going to share some of my experiences with you, but you will get SO much more from reading the book and really understanding what Kathi Lipp is saying.

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