Saturday, February 14, 2009

Day 6: A Little Hand's On Attention

Today was better than yesterday, although my hubby didn't make it easy!

We had a nice day today, getting up, exchanging little Valentine's Day sweets, etc.

This evening, our son went down early because he is still feeling pretty bad, and he missed his nap (too excited with daddy home all day!).

As a result, we decided to watch a grown-up movie and my hubby chose Eagle Eye - very actiony movie!

My husband got the movie ready and sat down on the loveseat. I told him to scoot over and he refused (I'd been planning to massage his head and rub his back). Instead, he said I could cuddle with him, so I decided to take what I could get.

At one point, he got up to check on our son, so I took the opportunity to switch places. He humored me when he returned, and I got my chance to massage his head and back.

I know he enjoyed it, and it was worth it to help him relax and feel loved! :)

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