Thursday, February 12, 2009

Day 4: Gratitude Journal

Today - I'm going to focus on things that make me grateful during this scary economic times.

You see - today I had a fun time with my Mom, and we were talking about the economy a bit, and she told me about some scary job-related facts. . . such as an opening for a meter-maid type job - ONE job - that had over 1600 applicants, and of those 1600, 800 were tested for the job. Another fact was about a recent job fair that was spotlighting 1600 jobs and had over 16,000 people show up!

So - I'm very grateful. . . .

1. That my husband has a good job.
2. That we bought a house that we could afford instead of what they qualified us for at the time we were looking.
3. That we were able to refinance our 7 year ARM mortgage (would have started adjusting in 2012) to a 30 year fixed at 4.625%
4. That we don't use credit cards, except to get reward points, and if/when we do use it, we pay it off at the end of the month so we don't carry a balance.
5. That we are finding small ways to save money (making coffee at home instead of getting it on the way to work, using coupons - yes I scrounge for great coupons and actually use them!!)


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