Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day 8: Gratitude Journal

This was a family day (took my grandmother out for her 81st birthday along with another grandmother, my mom, my dad, my niece and my son)!

I'm grateful that:

1. My son was feeling well enough (at least we felt he was) to be around people!!

2. My mom bumped into my sister-in-law at the store so we found out that my niece as home all day (I called and invited her along for the fun).

3. My grandmothers, while very different, are both doing well at their ages!

4. We got to take the entire family (while hubby was at work, which made him happy) to a lunch buffet and then on to the children's museum which was packed with kids due to the holiday!

5. We had fun playing Rock Band 2 with my hubby last night when all was quiet again and our son was down for his nap! :)

What are you grateful for today?

~ Wendi

1 comment:

bkclubcare said...

This has been very fun (and really makes me think) - thank you for sharing and I wish you the best of success for the rest of the project days!


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