Sunday, February 15, 2009

Day 7: Project - Tryphy Wife (tweaked for a day in the yard!)

What was supposed to happen: Ok - So I was supposed to get up and do a few things to look REALLY good for my husband today, and I had figured out everything I was going to do - straighten my hair the way he loves it, wear my diamond earings and necklace that he gave me, pretty frilly shirt, really work the makeup, etc.

What really happened: we got up, threw on hats and ran outside to play in the sun! It wasn't raining and we thought we would get the yard cleaned up from a recent storm so our son could play outside this week (weather permitting).

Then it was nap time for our son and I realized that being a "Trophy Wife" today just wasn't going to happen, so I started planning. I invited my husband to jump in the shower with me (dual shower heads are great!) to get clean. I then proceeded to wash his hair with shampoo and conditioner - I think I spent about 7 minutes really massaging his scalp - he told me he was in heaven! He stayed in the shower while I got ready ad put our son down for his nap.

Then we had to be quiet, so I wrote a few book reviews that are scheduled on Wendi's Book Corner for later this week.

Now my men are in bed (husband and son), and I am free to plan tomorrow's project!

My question to you: What do you do to make yourself pretty for your husband?

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