Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Day 3: Brag About Your Man!

Ok - Ok! I don't have the title quite right, but the gist of today's project was to brag about my husband and let him know that I talked about him.

I did brag about him quite a lot to my mother and grandmother, along with a stranger or two when we took my son to the local Children's Museum today.

You see - my husbands car has a horrible leak in it somewhere, and after taking it to the car shop twice, they still can't find anything, yet the trunk and back seat are sopping wet - I'm talking actual puddles!

My hubby did some research and found out it was a flaw with the car, and he also found out what some other owners of the car did to fix it. So - we took a hose out a week or so ago to see if we could MAKE it leak, and sure enough - we were able to find at least one leak, and follow it back to the source.

Sunday, my hubby spent a few hours outside taking the tail lights out of his car (no easy task!), and re-sealing the gaskets (think that was it). He then sealed a bunch of other areas around the trunk that didn't look water-tight.

Yesterday he came home and told me that even after a full day of rain (not surprising here in Seattle), there was LESS water in his car!! Yeah!!!

I am so impressed that this car repair hasn't cost us $1k in repairs! :) He found the leak, did some research, and FIXED it!!

So yes, I bragged about it today!! And then I told him about it, and how proud, excited, impressed, etc I am of him!

Hmmm - he didn't appear to really care. That said, he and I visited a little more than normal, and he initiated a game of dominoes with me shortly after he got home and I had put dinner in the oven.

:) Wendi

PS - for the past two days, he has noticed how nice I've been, and has commented. It is so nice to feel "nice" for a change! I really do find myself continuing to think of my hubby throughout the day in nice ways.

Oh - and he took the garbage out when he left for work! I didn't have to ask or put it by the door - I got up and it was simply gone!! So I did say a huge thank you this evening. Maybe this Husband Project will have a few good benefits for me too (other than my happier outlook)!

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