Saturday, February 14, 2009

Day 5: E-Flirt (Did I Just Crash and Burn??)

Ok - so yesterday (yes - I'm behind on posting - both my son and I are battling colds, so I was amazed that I made it through the day in one piece! By the time my son and hubby went to bed, I was simply too tired to sneak back out and post!) the project was to e-flirt (text, email, etc).

I was challenged from the moment my husband left the house at 3:30 am! You see, I tried to call him to make sure everything was ok (yes - that is a little early even for him), and when I called his cell, it rang in the kitchen - oops! Well, we do have the same phone, so maybe he took mine?? Nope! Tried mine and it rang in the kitchen as well. Then I started to worry - he NEVER forgets anything! Fifteen minutes later I did get him at work, and he said he was getting a jump start on the day so he could come home early. I wished him a good day and tried to go back to sleep.

I checked my email on my pda, then decided that since I couldn't text him, I would email him and wish him a happy day, so I sent him a quick email signed xoxo.

Mid-day, sent another email telling him I hoped he was having a good day and was looking forward to seeing him and doing something fun this weekend.

Yes - I'm not exactly an e-flirt via email - I used to work for the same company, and I KNOW they log and filter emails.

Anyway, he came home, and other than having dinner in the crockpot and the house straightened, I was curled up on the couch with a blanket (just got the son down for a nap and was trying to relax and get rid of the cold!).

He seemed to have misunderstood my emails to be nagging him to come home, so my feelings were a little hurt (I specifically didn't ask him to come home, but rather wished him a good day!). I had picked a fun movie up for us to watch in the evening, and he didn't seem too interested.

Anyway, he later made another comment about me not being nice except for the first few days of the week, so I'm thinking he sees the grander gestures and not the smaller ones.

I'm not going to take it personally - I'm going to get through the temporary stall and keep going! :)

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